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Fast Line Inspections®
In-line Sealtesting of pouches

wet-wipes, snacks, crisps, vegetables, grated cheese, sauces, babyfood

The FLI-SealTesters: Innovative In-line Checking for Leakage and Volume Detection

The FLI-SealTester provides a reliable method to find leaks in any kind of pouch. The system guards the "squeezing profile" of a product as it moves through the FLI-SealTester where pressure and measurements are controlled by servo motors.
High Accuracy: The FLI-SealTesters can detect leaks better than 0.5 mm in size, which is approximately the size of a pin hole.

Volume Detection The FLI-SealTester can very succesfully verify the volume of any inflated pouch.

Low cost of Ownership Because the FLI-SealTester uses simple parts, its extremely reliable and inexpensive to maintain


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